New Lottery Act May Do More Harm Than Good

  • 2022.10/10 更新
    Finland gambling

    New Lottery Act May Do More Harm Than Good

    The new Lottery Act in Finland aims to maintain the monopoly system of gambling in Finland while reducing the harms caused by gambling. Previously, the main goal of gambling was to maximize revenue for the state, but now the main focus is on responsible gaming. However, the new Act may do more harm than good.


    The Government of Finland’s gambling monopoly Veikkaus has recently come under fire for its poor performance. Independent policy agencies have recommended that Veikkaus be broken up into smaller operators to increase competition, but the Social Democrat Party has rejected this proposal. Instead, the government has turned its attention to making gambling safer and reducing the size of gambling machines. The Government has also been urged by the European Gaming and Betting Association to introduce a licensing system that allows multiple companies to compete in the country.

    The new gambling rules will come into effect in the coming months. For instance, shops will be required to switch off slot machines after 9pm. However, slot machines at other points of sale will not be suomalainen nettikasino affected by this rule.

    Ministry of Interior

    The Finnish gambling industry is in the process of reforming. A recent report released by the Ministry of Interior of Finland (MoI) highlights the need to improve the state of gambling in Finland. A number of reform measures are being discussed at the moment, including the prevention of harms caused by gambling and the protection of vulnerable persons. The new gambling act will also specify the way in which the revenue from gambling will be allocated.

    Finland’s gambling policy has been an ongoing balancing act between harm prevention and gambling revenue. A state monopoly had long been seen as a source of income, but in recent years harm prevention has gradually gained ground in policymaking. A minimum age limit was introduced in 2010 and loss limits were set in 2017. The government has also started the gradual implementation of mandatory player identification, which will gradually take place over the next few years.

    Aland Islands

    The Finnish government does not penalize residents for participating in offshore gambling. The Department of Legislative Affairs says that local players who play on foreign sites are not committing crimes. However, the state does not allow offshore operators to advertise in the region. In fact, one magazine editor was recently fined for publishing an advertisement for an offshore gambling company.

    Gamblers in the Aland Islands must be at least 18 years of age to participate. The Finnish Personal Data Act regulates personal data and keeps a central player registry.


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