Romantic Things to Do in Switzerland

  • 2022.09/03 更新

    From a relaxing boat trip into a romantic hike on the ski slopes, Switzerland offers various romantic activities to get couples. These fun and exciting dates can be achieved in summer months or winter, and can be the best way to spend your time at the same time!

    Romantic Kayak Drive in Lake Brienz

    This beautiful turquoise pond is a heavenly setting for the romantic outing. Take a affectionate kayak tour and see the plush green hillsides, towering coves and attractive Interlaken community.

    Wine in Switzerland

    If you want wine beverage, a visit to one of the country’s many grapevines is a must carry out on your next Swiss getaway. These kinds of picturesque neighborhoods are a destination for people and offer plenty of chance to relax mutually and enjoy the view outside the window whilst sipping a glass or two of the local wine.

    Gourmet Chocolates Tour in Geneva

    In cases where chocolate is definitely your thing, a gourmet delicious chocolate tour at certainly one of Switzerland’s various local chocolatiers is a must carry out. Within this 3 hour tour, you will swiss women always be treated into a tasting of a few of the finest Swiss chocolates.

    Disco Bowling in Zurich

    If a little more excitement is what you’re looking for, disco bowling in Switzerland is the perfect choice. The music and the lighting create a exciting atmosphere, and you’ll are able to enjoy some quality bonding time with the loved one.

    Carriage Ride in Swiss

    A carriage ride is a wonderful way to get to know your spouse and the country around you. This is a perfect date thought for both men and women and can be planned throughout the year, so you can always discover a time that suits you.