What are the advantages and disadvantages of BCG Matrix?

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    Moving on to a fictional example, let us assume that a company has two divisions—steel and alloy wheels. The steel wheels have a growth of 3%, and the alloy wheels have a growth of 8%. Using that data, the company wants to identify the cash cow, calculate its present potential and calculate cash reserves for the next five years. It is one of the four grids in the Boston Consulting Group matrix and resembles an enormous market share with a nominal growth rate.

    • Moneymakers are at a mature stage where they must consistently maintain the quality of the products or services.
    • They become market leaders due to their huge customer base and low production cost.
    • A large market share means that the star has a strong market position and generates a high volume of sales.
    • Because the dust in the nebulae obscures them, protostars can be difficult for astronomers to detect.

    The biggest example of a cash cow is Alphabet’s search engine, with a market share of 67.6% in the US. Cash FlowsCash Flow is the amount of cash or cash equivalent generated & consumed by a Company over a given period. It proves to be a prerequisite for analyzing the business’s strength, profitability, & scope for betterment. The shorter the maturity phase, the less time the company can extract cash from the cash cow category. The matrix indicates that the profit of the company is directly related to its market share. The Dogs of the Dow strategy attempts to maximize the yield of investments by buying the highest-paying dividend stocks available from the DJIA each year.

    Market Share And Market Growth

    They can use it to support long-term growth, particularly star and question mark categories. It is urgent as the mature stage may end soon and enter the decline stage. The Boston Matrix is a more informal marketing tool used for product portfolio analysis and management, developed by the Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970s. It considers the degree of market share and market growth and helps identify where best to use resources to maximize profit from a product management perspective. The BCG matrix is a tool to evaluate the products of a company, and thereby help to decide where the company’s resources can best be allocated to maximize profits in the future.

    Hence, a cash cow is a potential source of cash in for the company. Products in the dogs quadrant are in a market that is growing slowly and where the product have a low market share. Products in the dogs quadrant are typically able to sustain themselves and provide cash flows, 1investing.in/ but the products will never reach the stars quadrant. Firms typically phase out products in the dogs quadrant unless the products are complementary to existing products or are used for a competitive purpose. A cash cow is a money-making product, business entity, or asset.

    Cash Cow Examples

    It has been implemented across a variety of industries within companies of different sizes. The GE matrix was developed by Mckinsey and Company consultancy group in the 1970s. The nine cell grid measures business unit strength against industry attractiveness and this is the key difference.

    The Boston Consultancy Group matrix, has four grids or divisions, i.e., the question mark, stars, dogs, and cash cows. Now, the BCG matrix runs across two parameters, market share on the x-axis and market growth on the y-axis. The company must extract cash flow from the cash cows as long as possible.

    what does cow symbolise in bcg matrix

    Though it has a meager growth rate, the market share is usually enormous, ensuring persistent cash flow throughout its lifetime. Investors looking for a safe investment option with limited returns over a long period can choose moneymakers. The money makers don’t have impressive growth rates but are well-established businesses. Stars and question marks are expected to become cash cows sometime in the future.

    Stars are huge celestial bodies made mostly of hydrogen and helium that produce light and heat from the churning nuclear forges inside their cores. Aside from our sun, the dots of light we see in the sky are all light-years from Earth. They are the building blocks of galaxies, of which there are billions in the universe.

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    Boston Consulting Group is an American global management consulting firm founded in 1963, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of the Big Three — the world’s three largest and most prestigious management consulting firms — along with Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company. The Structured Query Language comprises several different data types that allow it to store different types of information… Investors who do not expect higher returns but are concerned about the degree of uncertainty. It is one of four quadrants in the BCG matrix in addition to Star, Question mark, and Dog.

    The term dog may also refer to a stock that is a chronic underperforming stock, and hence a drag on the performance of a portfolio. Dogs of the Dow is the name of a long-term investment strategy. It uses the 10-highest dividend–yielding blue-chip stocks in DJIA.

    what does cow symbolise in bcg matrix

    Star products can become Cash Cows as the market growth starts to decline if they keep their high market share. Question marks– a product with a low market share and operating in a high growth market. This category, indeed, still has the potential to become the next cash cow. The strategy’s primary focus is to increase market share and shift the position of the current market leader. Products in the cash cows quadrant are in a market that is growing slowly and where the product have a high market share.

    What does Dog symbolize in BCG matrix?

    Cash cows have a low growth rate but a high market share on the BCG matrix. It represents stable returns from money-making what does cow symbolise in bcg matrix products, companies, product lines, or assets. Having both types of products will ensure long-term business success.


    The term dog may also refer to a stock that is a chronic underperforming stock, and hence, a drag on the performance of a portfolio. Moneymakers dominate the industry, which affects the other small players. Price Leadership refers to a situation where the money maker decides the price. The competition has to match the price even if they cannot afford to. Capital InvestmentCapital Investment refers to any investments made into the business with the objective of enhancing the operations. It could be long term acquisition by the business such as real estates, machinery, industries, etc.

    Products in the star quadrant are in a market that is growing quickly and one where the product have a high market share. Cash cows are the leaders in the marketplace and generate more cash than they consume. These are business units or products that have a high market share but low growth prospects. Star products all have rapid growth and dominant market share. This means that star products can be seen as market leading products.

    These products should be ‘milked’ by extracting the profits and continuously managing them so that they keep generating strong cash flows, which can be further used to fuel stars. The BCG Matrix is one of the most popular portfolio analysis methods. It classifies a firm’s product and/or services into a two-by-two matrix. Each quadrant is classified as low or high performance, depending on the relative market share and market growth rate. Products in the stars quadrant are market-leading products and require significant investment to retain their market position, boost growth, and maintain a competitive advantage.